Profusion Holiday Shadow Trio

20170109_134547Packaging: The Packaging is cheap, but that is expected for the price. It really is not terrible though. The base is sturdy, and it comes with a lot of product. The cap is a hard plastic. The two pieces separately are well made, but together are a little bulky and cheap looking.

Color Selection: I like the deep collection they were going for, but maybe one dark, one medium, and one light would be optimal.

Price: The price of all three is $1, and are actually $.50 at the moment!

Collection: They are a part of the 2016 Profusion Holiday Collection

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of the copper and brown shades are phemominal. The blue does not show very well.

Wear time: They wear on the eyes fairly well with primer. About 6-8 hours long.

Where to buy: Walgreens! I believe they are in store only.

Final Verdict: Yes! Yes! Yes! These are amazing! I recommend running to your local Walgreens A.S.A.P. to pick these up, especially because they are only $.50 right now. The brown and copper shades are so worth the money! I hope they continue to come out with mor shades.


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